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London- the prologe - Ponies Ponies Ponies

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June 20th, 2005

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07:31 am - London- the prologe

PonyChocolateDelight met PonyMistyRain at the airport. She was jumping up nad down and generally running amok yammering on about something that PonyMistyRain had a hard time understanding. PonyMistyRain dug out some Almond Roca from her pony knapsack and PonyChocolateDelight stopped for a tasty treat.

PonyMistyRain asked “What has happened since we found the Castle map? Have PonyGreenEyes and PonyMadwoman back from LA?”

PonyChocolateDelight shook her pony mane and said, “Oh, no, we have way more exciting pony news. It seems that PonyWhiteThunder received word that her sisters were able to follow up on that lead the PonyButterflySun had given them. And they actually were able to find the map to the labyrinth below the castle. And, “ She said without taking a breathe “These Almond Roca are lovely, would you happen to have anymore?”

PonyMistyRain began to dig in her bag for more candy as PonyButterflySun responded, “That is wonderful news, now we should be able to locate where PonySloane hid all the artifacts and find PonyJack.”

PonyMistyRain added, “ And that will make PonyWill a very happy pony.

“That s eally ood ews”, PonyChocolateDelight murmured through mouthfuls of the sweet toffee and chocolate candy.

The three ponies headed back to the Clairmont Academy , temporary home of the Pony Possee to get ready for the next pony adventure.

PonyMistyRain was really happy to back with the Pony Posse, even if it was just to repack her pony bags and head back to the airport. She wanted to first make sure the other ponies were all okay.

PonyWill was beside himself with angst. “What pony outfit should I wear when I get to see PonyJack again? I need something that I am willing to have destroyed because I have not seen my PonyJack in a VERY long time.”

PonyMistyRain rolled her pony eyes and almost fell over. She was quite proud that she was getting almost as good at this as PonyGreenEyes.

PonyMistyRain gather up the remaining ponies and wanted to get a quick update on the status of the return party first.

PonySweetTort was the first pony to provide an update, “I was finally able to get all the warrants taken care of, we now have no impediments to wiretapping PonyWill.”

PonyWill looked up from his packing. He had clothes strewen all over the place and was making quite a mess. “Hey, doesn’t that violate some of my civil liberties?”

PonySweetTort replied, “Not any more” with a self satisfied smirk on her pony face.

PonyWill looked confused, he had enough to worry about what to wear, there was no way he could think about his every groan and moan being recorded.

PonyMistyRain looked over to PonyStarShine and shook her pony head in the direction of PonyWill. PonyStarShine understood with out a pony word spoken and trotted over to help PonyWill get his packing sorted. She sent him off to the pony showers, while she packed his bags. The other ponies watched PonyWill head to the showers, and quite a few of them were tempted to follow.

PonySweetiePie and PonyDaisySweet both stepped forward next. PonySweetiePie spoke first, “Yep, the pony cakes and treats are getting baked as fast as we can. The pony oven broke and we ran into a little flour problem,” she added as she brushed flower from her pony mane, “But now we are back on schedule.”

PonyDaisySweet added “We are even making our own chocolate sauce, to um have over ice cream.” She looked around and was happy the PonyWill was in the shower at the moment. She knew how he was when it came to chocolate sauce. However, no sooner had she thought it a boy pony voice broke through the general muttering of the ponies. “Chocolate sauce? Maybe we need to pack a little of that in my suitcase so I can let PonyJack try it out and see if it is high enough quality, you know a little sample?” PonyDaisySweet had not just fallen off the hay truck and she saw right through PonyWill, “NO, we need to save it for the celebration.” She shook her pony hoof at him and added “We know all about you PonyJack and chocolate sauce.”

PonyWill turned bright red from his pony ears right on down to his pony hooves, as he looked up he noticed that all the ponies were looking at him with a certain glean in their pony eyes. Oh yes, see these ponies knew what happened when you added PonyWill plus PonyJack and then stirred in some chocolate sauce, and now.. they had the wiring to see it.

PonyHoneyRose had returned from the island the previous week and had her pony nose buried in the “Big Book of Trees” The ever-disappearing book was now chained to her pony leg, so that it might stop disappearing. “ I have finished the cipher and you can take it with you, it will help you decrypt the map that you picked up in Portland. PonyMistyRain added “That is wonderful news”. PonyHonyeRose’s nose slowly slipped back in to the book.

PonySunshineBlue stepped up and added, “I am heading to Scotland to get the special navigation device you use with the Portland Map, I will meet you in London in 3 days”

“Great news PonySunshineBlue, we really are getting close” PonyMistyRain added.

PonyPackers and PonyPrancer were both surrounded by brightly colored scarves and hats. “We are just about finished with the pony posse uniforms and something special for PonyJack when he returns,” PonyPrancer informed the ponies. The ponies all giggled when they thought about Jack’s reaction to the “special gift”.

PonyLuckyStar spoke up next and reminded the other ponies that she was heading to PonyRussian school, where she was going to learn all about pony Russia so that she could join the ‘PIA’ – Pony Intelligence Agency.

The ponies were all sad that PonyLuckyStar was going to miss the reunion, but then PonyLuckyTort reminded them about the recording devices.

All the pony reports were in and all the ponies accounted for, so PonyMistyRain told them that they would keep in pony contact. PonyChocolateDelight had PonyGreeneyes’ phone and PonyMistyRain picked up a phone that was suppose to work in London. PonyMistyRain was excited to see PonyWhiteThunder and finally meet all her sisters. PonyButterlySun, PonyMistyRain and PonyWill all said goodbye to the rest of the ponies and headed to London.

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Date:June 23rd, 2005 03:49 am (UTC)


I can't stop laughing!!! Almond Roca indeed. Will and Jack and their chocolate sauce ritual LOL!

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