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The London Adventure Begins - Ponies Ponies Ponies

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July 3rd, 2005

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10:54 pm - The London Adventure Begins
And thus the Adventrues in London begins....

PonyMistyRain, PonyButterflySun and PonyWill all got off the plane at Heathrow and tried to find their way to the rest of the Pony Posse at the Thistle hotel. PonyButterflySun did not understand why PonySunshineBlue booked this hotel. As far as she knew, it held no Ponbaldi significance.

Heathrow was undergoing some changes and Terminal 4 held no transportation. The ponies made there way to the trains and then to a bus to finally find their way to the hotel. The hotel was two stories tall and had pony long hallways and the ponies were pony exhausted by the time they made it to the room. PonyWill insisted on taking a long pony shower and had to style his pony mane. He figured he might run into PonyJack and wanted to look his pony best. PonyMistyRain gave up trying to tell PonyWill that they were just not going to run into PonyJack, and that it was fruitless to get all gussied up.

When the ponies were walking to the conference center in search of PonySunshineBlue, the ponies ran into PonyWhiteThunder and her sisters. There was a joyous reunion and PonyWhiteThunder introduced her sisters PonyFallingStar, PonyShimmeringStar and PonyPinkCloud. The pony reunion got a little pony loud . The staff at the hotel could hear the entire pony braying down the 4 long hallways and 2 stairwells and they were told to keep the squeeing to a minimum. The abbreviated Pony Posse finally made it to the convention room and looked around. They were still not sure why PonySunshineBlue insisted on this as the location. They all took a seat and looked around for PonySunshineBlue. They started talking to the other ponies and finally they saw PonySunshineBlue and got up to pony greet her.

PonySunshineBlue was all excited to see the abbreviated Pony Posse she was at a loss of pony words. Finally, PonyWill spoke up, to the amazement of the rest of the ponies.
“Excuse me, but why are we wasting time here, when we should be out there”, he pointed his pony hoof in the general direction of London. PonySunshineBlue, stopped for a second and took a long look at PonyWill. She composed herself and said “PonyWill, we all are here to help find PonyJack so that you can be reunited with your one true pony love, but a mare needs to have fun too and there is a very famous actor who knows PonyJack here and I thought it would be nice if we could all meet him for a day before we get back to the search, you know all search and no rest make the Pony Posse dull and exhausted, or something like that” She ended her little speech with a stop of her pony hoof.

PonyWill looked a little sad. He knew that, but really wanted to find his one true pony love. He knew the Pony Posse were working very hard to find PonyJack, it just he was a little pony anxious to find him so that they could get down to pony business. PonySunshineBlue was all excited at the prospect of seeing the actor. All the ponies gathered in a room and PonySunshineBlue hopped up on the stage, she was quite excited.

After the ponies enjoyed their time away from the mission de jour and reported back to the rest of the Pony Posse about their activities, they fell in a heap on bed and all got a fitful nights rest.

The ponies all woke early. PonySunshineBlue had to head off to Scotland to track down the Ponbaldi necklace, that is reported to have a stone that is used as a key to Ponbaldi’s journals, that will come in handy after we locate the castle and free PonyJack.

The rest of the ponies enjoyed a breakfeast of oats and fruit. PonyMistyRain did note that the fruit was canned not fresh and PonyHoneyRose would not be pleased about that. After they had finished their morning meal, the ponies all gathered around to table to get an idea of all they had to do to find PonyJack and evil PonySloane.

PonyButterflySun had been reviewing all the clues that the Pony Posse had collected and had them all organized. She let the ponies in on the plan. “ We will need to go to the tower of London where Ponbaldi was held as a prisoner by Henry the VIII, there we need to locate his cell, once we get the clues he carved there we are off to Paris and Notre Dame, we then need to return to London. The Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum also have some artifacts to pick up, we hope to then locate the actual location of the Ponbaldi Castle and PonyJack’ A yelp broke up the serious listening that was going on. All the pony head turned to look at PonyWill. “ WHAT?, “ he asked. “We are never going to find PonyJack and I have some pony needs” PonyMistyRain patted the upset pony on his little pony head, “PonyWill, pony patience are a virtue and I am sure PonyJack is just as ummm needy as you, it will all be ok…we just need you to focus PonyWill.”

As the ponies assembled on the ‘PonyHoppa’ to get them to the underground, they were very excited to get on with the pony show. They knew that the rest of the Pony Posse was counting on them to be successful.

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Date:July 4th, 2005 10:40 pm (UTC)



I can't stop laughing and smiling. Love the photos.

More, more, more!!!

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