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The Oldam Adventure - Sam's First adventure!!! - Ponies Ponies Ponies

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June 20th, 2005

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06:20 am - The Oldam Adventure - Sam's First adventure!!!

PonyWhiteThunder got an emergency message from her sister PonyShimmeringStar, the Order of Pombaldi hid a map in a church in Oldham, and even though PonyMistyRain was not back from Portland and PonyGreenEyes and PonyMadWoman were still in LA all the other ponies felt it was imperative that she pack her pony bags and head home to Oldham.

PonyStarShine being the excellent packer that she is had PonyWhiteThunder packed in minutes. And off she went to meet up with her other pony sisters in Oldham

Her pony sisters PonyPinkCloud And PonyShimmeringStar where so glad to see their sister that were talking non-stop and shaking there pony manes in excitement and in the end PonyWhiteThunder and to stomp her hoof to get them to stop and listen to her.

She explained to them, “While I was in New york in the Clairmont Academy the pony posse found out some interesting news that one of the members of the order of Pombaldi had hidden a map in a church in Oldham and that Ponybutterfly sun being the Pombaldi expert of the Pony posse quickly deduced that the map would be hidden in the church of St Agnes and so they had to go off and find it”

And so the brave ponies packed a few of their pony belongings and set out to search for St Agnes church.

The Ponies walked and walked with PonyWhiteThunder telling them all the news and everything that happened to New York while she was there, but soon there little pony legs were getting a little pony tired.

“We can rest here for a while and have something to eat” said PonyWhiteThunder with a little shake of her ponymane, The ponies sat down and PonyWhiteThunder brought out the Peanut butter sandwiches that she had made earlier. “Oh, I wish PonyChocolateDelight was here, she would have chocolate with her” said PonyShimmeringStar, “I pony love chocolate.”

After they had finished their ponyfood and ponydrink and threw away their ponyrubbish, they set off again on their pony adventure in find the Church of St Agnes.

A way down their ponyroad they came across a church, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” said PonyPinkCloud galloping around in excitement, “Is this the church?”

“No”, said PonyWhiteThunder “it is called ST Agnes we have to keep our ponies eyes open and keep looking.”

And so the Ponies continued on the Pony adventure. Until they came to a river which they had to cross

“Oh no” said PonyPinkCloud “do we have to go through the water because my little ponytail will get wet if we do and I did not bring my ponyhairdryer with me. “Oh no”, said PonyShimmering Star as her little ponyeyes spotted the bridge over the river a little further down the river. “I can see a ponybridge right over there”, she said pointing with her front right hoof. “Oh, that is so pony lucky said PonyPinkCloud tossing her ponymane behind her she trotted to the bridge with her sisters in tow.

“Which way to we go now?” said PonyShimmeringStar a puzzled look on her ponyface. “I will climb up on this fence and see if I can see which direction to take” said PonyWhiteThunder. And so PonyWhiteThunder climbed the fence and see. Climbing down said turned to her sisters “We have to go this way”, pointing her left hoof, “Pony hurry up, come on lets go.”

And so they continued on with PonyPinkCloud dancing in front. Until they came to a funny street which they had to walk up

PonyPinkCloud stopped to pick some flowers for PonyWill because she knew how upset and worried he was and how much he missed PonyJack.

“Are we nearly there yet?” asked PonyShimmeringStar as the ponies trotted past some cottages.

“Lets go and ask those horses.” said PonyWhiteThunder

And so PonyWhiteThunder asked the horses and they gave direction of the St Agnes Church

“Come on everyone.” said PonyWhiteThunder.” I know the way. See look “,she said shaking her ponymane, “I can see the church from here.”

The brave ponies finally arrived at the Church of St Agnes

“Lets all go inside and search for the map,” said PonyWhiteThunder “but keep your ponyears and ponyeyes open in case there is any followers of the order of Pombaldi inside.”

PonyShimmeringStar found the map hidden in the church and called to her pony sisters, jumping up and down.

The ponies exited the church and found a bench where they would decide their next pony move.

“We could go to the park and have a little ponyfun” said PonyPinkCloud.

And so they arrived at he park and PonyPinkCloud trotted over to the slide, “I love the slide,” she said her ponymane flowing in the breeze as she trotted.

“Oh really I prefer the swing” said PonyShimmeringsStar as she made her pony way to the swing

“And I love climbing,” said PonyWhiteThunder shouted and she finished climbing to the top of the climbing frame.

After they had had some pony fun in the park the ponies set off for home

And when they arrived home PonyWhiteThunder sent off a ponyE-mail to the pony posses to let them so that the Pombaldi map was safely in their ponycare and to see what to do next.

After that the pony were so tired after the adventures that had to sleep.

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