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July 21st, 2005

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05:28 pm - PonyBanting reporting

Pony spirits were low in the Claremont Riding Academy. PonyJack was still missing, PonyMistyRain and PonyWhiteThunder had taken Ponbaldi expert PonyButteflySun, PonyWhiteThunder’s sisters and PonyWill off to London to save him once and for all. PonySunshineBlue was doing some Pony Posse recon in Europe looking for more Ponbaldi artifacts. PonyGreenEyes and PonyMadWoman had gone to LA and not returned. The remainder of the Pony Posse figured that maybe there were working on their pony tans.

PonyPackers and PonyDaisySweet were hard at work creating a pony feast to end all pony feasts, there was a growing rumor that more brave ponies were joining the Pony Posse and they would be here when PonyJack returned to join in the celebration. PonyHoneyRose had her pony nose buried in her tree book. She was doing her best to memorize it before PonyGreenEyes returned from California and hid it again. PonyChocolateDelight was learning how to pony knit, PonyPrancer was seeing to her pony education. PonySweetTort was thankful for this little break, who knew a few ponies would require so much legal work, and was working on clearing the Pony Mobile through emissions. PonyLuckyStar was taking a pony break from catching up on the latest TV and movies and was hard at work studying pony Russian, you really never pony knew when that would come in handy. PonyStarshine and PonySweetiePie were just finishing a PonySVu Marathon with PonyStabler when PonyHoneyRose, who was very sad that she missed PonyStabler on the TV, yelled “ Check out the news and see if there is anything on the London Posse.

PonyStarShine tuned into PNN (the Pony News Network) and was listening to a report on how to keep your pony figure nice and round. All the ponies kept a pony ear tuned waiting for some news from London. The anchor was doing a fine job at ignoring the very important pony business of the Pony Posse. It was time for the entertainment report and a few ponies started to listen to see what their favorite pony stars were up to, or more likely how the pony press was going to make a dung heap out of a chocolate kiss. The screen was suddenly filled with the bright image of the newest reporter for PNN, PonyBanting.

“HI EVERY PONY, I am PonyBanting reporting LIVE from London,Ontario way up here in Canada. I have a very special report for you today. I have brought my staff of 5 up here to see an exclusive showing of Jack- A Flash Fantasy, and as a special treat I had the opportunity to Visit Banting House, where Insulin was discovered and created. So come back after the break and I will give you all the pony details”

They cut to commercial and PonyChocolateDelight spoke first, “Oh this should be interesting,” as she stuffed a piece of Almond Roca in her pony mouth. PonySwetiePie finished the thought, Dr. Banting, was an amazing person, I really want to hear this report. One by one, the ponies put down their pony projects and made there way to the TV. Sooner rather then later PonyBanting reappeared on the screen.

"I think as a reporter it is important to be accurate and point out any problems that we discover, so that they may be corrected. Now, generally my staff and I can travel freely and without incident. Yesterday as we were making our way through London, we entered a rather normal looking parking garage. Little did we know that it was some sort of possessed parking lot that claims its victims by getting you so lost and confused that you are ready to give up on life itself." PonyBanting looked a little flustered her pony hair was getting puffy and her pony complexion was turning pinker then usual. Off screen a calm voice repeated "We made it, cleansing breathes". Bit by bit PNN's newest entertainment report regained her composure. She continued as though nothing had happened. "Well, once we made it to the CBC museum, we found my more agreeable parking."

“The Graham Spry Theater, located in the CBC museum, is in celebration of Canadian Television playing a selection of show that are free to view. This month they featured the amazing Actor Victor Garber”
A loud thud caused all the ponies to look over towards the noise. PonyChocolateDelight had dropped her tin of Almond Roca and mumbled between chews, “OH MY pony goodness, he is a great actor and he knows PonyJack.” There was a general pony mumbling of agreement and their attention was once again aimed at the screen. PonyLuckyStar added,"Oh yes, and PonySunshineBlue and the rest of the London group got to meet him, I am soo jealous."

PonyBanting continued “ according to this press release,
Spry Museum information
Jack--A Flash Fantasy - 1974
This show was the first rock opera musical-variety show ever commissioned for television. It explores the various aspects of man, as seen by the many jacks of a deck of cards. Cast includes Victor Garber, Alan Thicke, Patricia Gaul, William Daniel Grey, Jeff Hyslop, Laurie Hood, Gilda Radner, Rhonda Silver. (57 min.)
Compilation Tape
In 90 Minutes Live (1977), Peter Gzowski interviews actors/singers Victor Garber and Don Scardino. They perform "All the Time". In Canada After Dark (1978), Garber chats with Paul Soles and sings "Something's Coming". In On the Arts (1998), Laurie Brown interviews Victor Garber. The Students Are Coming (1972) was a situation comedy set on a college campus. It starred Victor Garber, Steve Pernie, Rosemary Radcliffe, Gary McKeehan, Robert Boyer, Steve Weston, Renee Cherrier, Ben and Sylvia Lennick, Sydney Brown. In Barris & Company (1968), The Sugar Shoppe (Peter Mann, Laurie Hood, Lee Harris, Victor Garber) sing "Poor Papa". (55 min.)

“It was quite exciting to see Mr. Garber on the screen. If you look closely you will see his handsome image on the screen, he is on the left. Now, when I was pony there the Compilation Tape was playing, but I am an important pony and sent one of my staff ( GCGirl ) off to see if they would put in 'Jack- a Flash Fantasy" so this pony could get the entire Victor experience. I am happy to say the Museum staff was happy to accommodate my pony needs."

"I had a chance with my staff to wonder around the town and take in the sites. Of course, no trip to London is complete without a stop at a place the local’s call Timmy’s. I mean Tim Horton’s of course. Rumor is the Pony Posse actually stopped on their search for PonyJack. I asked around to see if I could get this confirmed but the workers seemed very tight lipped on the whole affair.”

“Hey,” PonySweetTort casually added, ‘It looks like the bribes worked. It is nice to know some people can keep their word and keep our coming and goings secret.”

PonyBanting was just picking up steam now in her report from London. “We took a quick stop by Theater Q’s to look at their collection of posters. One of my staff could not resist this poster of ‘Art”

“My staff and I stopped off for lunch before we headed over to the Banting Museum” This was a great opportunity for us to soak in the London, Ontario atmosphere.

“After filling up on lunch, it is so hard to find good oats!, “giggled PonyBanting, “We headed over to the Banting Museum.

Banting Museum information
Banting Information

‘Dr and eventually Sir Fredrick Banting first conceived of the idea of insulin in this home behind me. By all accounts he was a firecly loyal and sometime stubborn man. He was born on Nov14th 1891 in Alliston Ontario Canada. In 1924, he married Marion Robertson. His life was cut short at the age of 49, he was killed in a plane crash in 1941 near Gander, Newfoundland.” She was on a pony roll at this point and kept the rapid action pony facts coming. “ In 1912 he entered Toronto Medical School and in 1920 established a practice in London, Ontario. While lecturing on endocrinology at the University of Western Ontario, he discovered the link between diabetes and the pancreas. In 1921 he traveled to the University ofToronto where he started doing research with JJ McLeod, CH best and JB Collip. Finally, on January 11, 1922 he first injected Leonard Thompson with Insullin. He never claimed the patent for insulin, he preferred to give the findings and the drug to the world. In 1923, his achievement was recognized with a Nobel Prize. Dr. Banting was the first Canadian to win a Nobel Laureate. Speech accepting the Nobel prize. Acceptance Speech
Make sure you read his acceptance speech, you can find the link on our web site. In 1934 he was knighted Sir Frederick Banting, KBE.

On November 12th this year World Insulin day will be commemorated in conjunction with Sir Fredrick Banting day. There will be many celebrations at the location where Dr. Banting was born at a farmhouse at Alliston, Ontario. When Banting House was opened as a museum the Queen Mother lit a flame that will burn until a cure for Diabetes is finally found. Luckily, I have a very efficient staff that helped me get close to the flame.

“Sir Banting was a remarkable and as I leave the beautiful town of London, Ontario, I want to leave you with some words of wisdom plucked from his journal. The entry is dated March 21, 1931:
It occurred to me when we were puffing up the hill and the train was speeding along away below that the engine with all its power could not go up that slushy, soft, snowy road as fast as we could. Power is useless unless directed in the proper channel. People have different powers and the big question in life must be-"Are we on the right road for travel ?" We will certainly not get far in our given time unless we have chosen the road that is fitted to our particular locomotive.

“As we all make our way through life, remember to make sure you have the right vehicle to assist you on your way, This is PonyBanting reporting from London, Ontario for PNN.

Nobel Prize Web Site ( has a bunch of links at the bottom of the page)

Discovery of Insulin web site
Banting Bio

"Well, that was educational," PonyHoneyRose said first. She had lifted her pony head out of the tree book. PonySweetiePie was shocked. PonyHoneRose had not looked up from the book in days. She looked around at all the stunned ponies and said “ What…..? Diabetes is a worthy topic of distraction,” then she tipped her head back into the tree book and was once again lost in the Latin text.

Much thanks to GC Girl, Toria55, brenda_wood and EspionJack and NancyV1 – who let me use their pictures, told me a bit about their trip and let me use some of the memories for my own pony needs.

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