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July 19th, 2005

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07:16 am - Paris Part 2
OOOHHHH another update - maybe not as funny but

PonyWill took a LONG slow drink out of his pony water bottle and all the ponies stared at him. PonyMistyRain imagined him pouring the water over his long flowing pony mane and PonyWhiteThunder admired the way the water traveled down his long pony throat. Both ponies were suddenly parched and went looking for their pony water.
PonyButterflySun shook her pony mane and tried to get all the ponies back on track, which seemed to get more difficult by the day. Heck, it proved more difficult by the hour.

“PonyFallingStar you will please enlighten the group, as to our next stop” PonyButterflySun said with a great sigh. PonyFallingStar is a very shy pony. She whispered the next location but no one could understand her. PonyWhiteThunder encouraged her shy sister. “PonyFallingStar, if you want you can tell me and I will tell the group” PonyWhiteThunder got up close to her sister and all the ponies fell silent waiting to figure out where to next. PonyMistyRain already had the map of the train station so that they could find the fastest way to the next stop. The heat was overwhelming and all the ponies could use a little sit in the shade.

PonyWhiteThunder laughed aloud. She was very excited to make it to the next spot. It was on her list of places to see, she could not believe her luck. “We are going to Notre Dame” PonyPinkCloud, who often had more enthusiasm then actual pony brain power, exclaimed “We get to see the Hunchback, I love that movie.” PonyMistyRain, rolled her eyes and thought of PonyGreenEyes. She figured that PonyGreenEyes would have rolled her eyes soo hard she would have tipped over. Snickering but still trying not to make the little pony feel bad, PonyMistyRain told PonyPinkCloud, “The Hunchback err, moved out to the country where he live a quiet life, the Bishops now take care of the Cathedral.” She really did not want to break the little ponies heart, but did not want to get her hopes up. PonyWill snorted, and he got a PJLOD, from PonyMistyRain and PonyWhiteThunder.

The ponies were making their way to the nearest train station when they heard a great grumbling sound. PonyShimmerStar giggled and said “I think PonyWill needs to fill up his ever empty pony belly.” PonyButterflySun was getting a little pony tired. It was tough work keeping all the ponies in line and still completing the mission. She knew, but had not told the other ponies that PonySloane was close to completing the Ponbaldi device, that needed PonyJack’s spleen to complete. It was imperative that they find the Ponbaldi Castle in London as soon as possible, she also wanted to the get amulet that was the key to the device, that is why they were here in Paris, trying to find the amulet, it would not do much to track down PonySloane but it would prevent him from slicing open PonyJack, until the posse were able to free him. Her brow was furrowed and PonyMistyRain asked what was up. PonyButterflySun knew if she told any of the ponies what was going on there would be a pony panic. “Oh, nothing” PonyButterflySun lied.

The ponies sat down and enjoyed a sandwich and soda. PonyMistyRain however, was quick to point out that Coke Lite was nothing like Diet Coke. Luckily she kept a few reserve bottles in her pony pack and pulled one out, and enjoyed the crisp refreshing tingle as it made it’s way down her throat. Once lunch was done, the ponies finished the journey to Notre Dame. PonyPinkCloud pulled out her pony camera and got ready to take some pictures of the beautiful church.

PonyWhiteThunder waited until she took a few exterior sites before she reminded her that “Proper ponies do not take pictures inside a church.” PonyPinkCloud replied “ Yes, I know but it is a very pretty church. I promise from the bottom of my pony heart that I will stow the camera when we walk in.”

PonyButterflySun walked up to the entrance of the church and seemed to give a secret handshake to the pony that was guarding the entrance. She then slipped into a secret door and was gone. PonyWill exclaimed louder then was strictly pony necessary, “we are doomed with out PonyButterflySun.

PonyMistyRain, tried to prevent a total pony panic and shushed PonyWill. She ushered all the ponies into the vestibule and tried to distract them for a little while. She was curious where PonyButterflySun was. Lately she was getting more and more silent on what was going on and PonyMistyRain was getting the distinct impression that this mission was more then just the rescue of PonyJack. PonyMistyRain kept her eyes open and marveled at the interior, it was dark and cool such a contrast to the searing heat and light out doors, but she still felt protected and safe in church. The cathedral was beautiful and all the ponies marveled at the intricate stained glass, knowing that they could never adequately explain to the rest of the posse how breathtaking it all was. As the ponies made their way through the candle lit rooms they admired the beauty of stone work and they beautiful paintings of various saints.

The reverent silence was broken by a girly like scream. All the ponies turned to look in the direction of the noise and found PonyWill sprawled out on the cool ground. “PonyWill, what are you doing? PonyJack would not approve of you sprawled out laying on the ground that has been touched by who knows how many dirty feet,” PonyWhiteThunder exclaimed. PonyWill got up and said, ”I would stay upright if certain ponies,” he cast a glare in the direction of the suddenly reappeared PonyButterflySun,” did not go sneaking up on me.” PonyButterflySun said “Sorry, about that, I was trying to find the right door to exit and I ended up running right in to you all, I got what we need and we have one more stop to make, but we have 4 hours till our train leaves, so we can relax a little.” PonyWill, looked a little dejected, if he could swim the English Channel and get to PonyJack faster, the rest of the posse knew that he would.

PonyMistyRain and the rest of the posse were curious as to where PonyButterflySun had gone and what she acquired. PonyButterflySun felt 12 pony eyes staring at her. She looked over her pony shoulder. “When we get to the last stop I will tell you what we picked up, for now it is best if we just get out of here.”

The ponies formed a line and walked out Notre Dame. It was beautiful and PonyWill thought how much PonyJack would like Paris, and thought about all the ways they could enjoy the city, he idly followed along with the rest of the group. The ponies found a Market in the city that sold parakeets and other little animals.

The ponies felt sad that so many animals were in cages. They hoped that nice people would adopt them.

PonyWill galloped over to a cage, hey do you think PonyJack would enjoy some pony games? Maybe we can put PonySloane in a cage like this and PonyJack and I could you know…” he voice dropped to a pony whisper.

PonyButterfly then spoke up, “Well, I think these creatures need to be locked up behind bars.

PonyMistyRain laughed, I am sure PonyGreenEyes would agree with you, although she might prefer them to not so, umm, alive.” The rest of the posse laughed, but PonyWhitleThunder and PonyMistyRain both knew PonyGreenEyes and knew bunnies were no laughing matter.

PonyPinkCloud spoke up, so where are we off to now?” PonyButterflySun looked over her shoulder and made sure no one was following. We are going under the great pyramid of light and a place of great art, can you guess?” PonyPinkCloud scrunched up her pony face and thought really hard. PonyWill interpreted, he wanted to get this pony show on the road and back to PonyJack ASAP. “It is easy, even I know this.”

A/n OK.. guesses???
OH and PonyWill on the cage, yeah I made Sam take that pic, I put PonyWill on the cage and she snapped the shot.

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