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July 4th, 2005

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05:09 pm - Tower of London

After getting off the Pony Hoppa bus PonyButterflySun walked up to the terminal 2 building and gave it a run of her pony head. The rest of the ponies looked at her and wondered if she had hit the pony wine early. PonyButterflySun heard the whispered discussions behind her and told the ponies that Terminal 2 was a wonderful terminal and would be the place that the ponies use everyday in the quest to find PonyJack and that she was just giving it the honor it deserved. PonyMistyRain and the rest of the ponies just nodded. PonyMistyRain thought that maybe PonyButterflySun spent too many hours smelling old books.

The ponies made their way down an escalator, through a LONG hallway and onto a moving sidewalk. Once they exitited the moving sidewalk just one more long hallway and they made it to the Tube station that held the secret to transportation around London. They purchased their pony daily tickets (so they could travel anywhere the Tube went all day long, they knew they had lots of journey’s to make). Down a hall and yet another escalator and they finally made it to the tube station. Since this tube route began here at terminal 2 they did not have to make sure they got on the right tube, they could pick any train and hop on.

The ponies scrambled on the train. They really were not sure why they all scurried it just seemed like the thing to do when in London. The settled themselves onto chairs and settled in for the hour long ride.

As the train pulled out of the station, the ponies were all so excited for the adventure, they did not hear PonyButterflySun warn them to hold on. PonyShimmeringStar reached to hold on to PonyWill but her would not let her. He did not want PonyJack to smell girl pony on him. Poor PonyShimmeringStar, she tipped over and bruised her pony bottom.

Once the train stopped at the stop for the ‘Tower of London’ all the ponies once again started to scurry off the train to make sure they got off it started again. PonyButterflySun said that they all seemed like tourists and there was no need to scurry off and on the train. PonyMistyRain pointed to a sign that was above the train door.

PonyButterfluSun chuckled and said that there should be plenty of time to get off the train, just do not panic. The ponies all listened to her advice but figured they did not want to get pony squished so they would still scurry on and off the train.

The ponies made their was up and out of the Tube station and were happy to breathe fresh air. The first came across a statue. PonyButterflySun walked up the statue and started to talk to him.

The ponies then knew that she did spend too much time with the old books. PonyButterflySun said that the statue was constructed to confuse those searching for the Ponbaldi castle. He is pointing allegedly in the direction of the Ponbaldi cell, but is in fact pointing in the opposite direction. The poines turned in the opposite direction, PonyPinkCloud, and PonyWill both moaned loudly together. They ponies knew better then to suspect some funny pony business. When the looked over PonyPinkCloud ( always a whiner) moaned “ OH NO, more stairs” Sure enough to travel over to the tower, the ponies needed to travel down another staircase. PonyMistyRain figured with all this walking she will get a firm pony glutes. The ponies forged on and as a group purchased tickets and entered the Tower. They needed to find where Ponbaldi was held captive.

They entered a small room and it was made of stone but well lit. “Is this the place?” an excited PonyWhiteThunder asked. “No”, PonyButterflySun remarked, “this is where the young princes were held captive. Ponbaldi’s cell is reportedly is bathed in color. This cell is quite colorless” The ponies walked back out and kept an eye out for colors. PonyButterflySun walked up to one of the crows that took care of the tower and asked him for help.

The crow said that the tales of Ponbadli’s capture was passed down to all the crows that protected the tower and that they needed to head upstairs and past the torture room and they should then find what they needed.

The ponies excitedly headed towards the torture chamber. PonyFallingStar cleared her throat and said “umm. I think we lost PonyWill”. Sure enough when the ponies looked around they could not find PonyWill. Finally, after a few minutes of looking around “PonyPinkCloud yelled “I found him”. The ponies all turned around and sure enough there was PonyWill losing his focus.

“PonyWill, what do you think you are doing, we have important posse business here”, PonyMistyRain said in her best mom like voice. PonyWill looked over and turned pony pink. “I was just, umm, talking, um, asking..” PonyWIll tried to justify his lack of focus on the mission at hand. “Come, on there will be time for playing later” PonyButterflySun reminded him. PonyWill blushed even more thinking of the playtime with PonyJack that would await him later. PonyMistyRain smiled slyly thinking of the surveillance equipment that the ponies had brought into the country.

The ponies made their way across a bridge and into the torture room.

As they tried to exit the torture room PonyShimmeringStar noticed that PonyWill was taking notes. She new better then to ask him what they were for.

The ponies entered the next room and it was flooded with color. “This must be the place,” squeeed PonyFallingStar.

PonyButterflySun remarked “I still think this room is too dark, but I think we are close” The ponies walked into the next room and they all knew they were in the right place.

“This is the place,” PonyButterflySun remarked, ”Here is the place that Ponbaldi took his pony baths” The ponies went about looking for the carving on the wall that would lead them to their next location.

“I found it” exclaimed a very excitable PonyWill. The ponies really could not believe that PonyWIll proved productive, they all cantered over to him and sure enough he found the next clue.

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Date:July 5th, 2005 12:23 am (UTC)
See the Pony Picture with the bear dressed as a beefeater, that is were is were I deserted Michelle and PonyWill.

[User Picture]
Date:July 5th, 2005 12:27 am (UTC)
ROTFLMAO, that was the first time - LOL ..... that was a wonderful moment, until I turned around and you were gone - LOL..

It is 1:30 am, I guess you are feeling better...

Date:July 5th, 2005 03:34 am (UTC)


ROTFL this is hysterical. The tower doesn't look like I thought it would. I have to say I like Jack and Will in the tower better *whistle* with the heart stained glass window.

When is PonyJack coming out to play?
Date:July 9th, 2005 05:08 pm (UTC)
Yeah I am feeling better.

And yes thatw as the first of many times a deserted you. epeically in Paris for some reason. lol


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